A sedentary lifestyle is considered one of the bad habits. The modern way of sexual life has changed so that we have become inactive and spend most of the generic medications. This leads to significant health problems. Here are five consequences of this lifestyle:

Negative effect on bone health

A sedentary lifestyle affects the bone condition and loss of muscle mass. In addition, the risk of arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis increases several times without top-quality drugs.

Heart problems

A sedentary lifestyle causes too much stress to the heart. The heart triggers circulation but can not perform all functions on its own generic meds. In the process should participate in muscles, they control the full circulation of blood. And when we sit for a long time, and reputable shop do not work or work poorly (for example, the calf is not involved at all, vardenafil actively helps to pump blood from the bottom up), the whole load falls on the heart.

Back problems

Your posture is deteriorating. This is because it is impossible to sit with a flat back for a long time, and you unknowingly use products for men. Subsequently, the development of osteochondrosis accelerates, as well as problems with intervertebral discs.

Circulatory disorders in the pelvic area

Lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle can cause weakness of pelvic floor muscles. Consequences: swelling of the legs due to impaired venous outflow and lymph flow, painful menstruation, erectile dysfunction in men.


It is known that during a sedentary lifestyle, you burn fewer calories than you find suitable drugs. And if a lot of sweet, fried and fatty food are in the diet, obesity is difficult to avoid.