What can you do to help our neighbors in need as a Church?


  • Habitat’s work depends upon the faithful prayers of Smith County citizens.

Financially Support Habitat for Humanity of Smith County

  • Encourage your congregation to include Habitat for Humanity of Smith County in its mission work.
  • Make Habitat for Humanity of Smith County a part of your budget or take special offerings.
  • Provide in-kind goods and services (for example, a plumber in your congregation might volunteer to do the plumbing work on a Habitat house).
  • Raise funds to build all or part of a house. A congregation may sponsor a house individually or join with other congregations to raise the money and build a house together.
  • Tithe. Set aside one-tenth of regular donations for Habitat projects.


  • Build strength and unity within your congregation as you work toward the common goal of helping others.
  • Organize volunteers for a house that your congregation funds or helps fund.
  • Serve on Habitat committees. Individuals are always needed to help with acquiring land, finding and selecting qualified homeowner applicants, nurturing family partners, recruiting church support and more.

Engage Your Community

  • Continue to be a voice for those in need even after construction is complete.
  • Make the commitment to become advocates for decent, affordable housing.