How to Apply for a Habitat for Humanity House


Smith County Habitat for Humanity chooses its homeowners based on three criteria:

  • the applicants’ level of need
  • their willingness to become partners in the program
  • and their ability to repay the no-profit, no-interest loan.

Neither race nor religion is a factor in the application process for families who are accepted into the Habitat program.


We are glad that you are interested in owning your own home.

Below is a list of criteria we look for in each of our families.

If you can say “YES” to all of the questions below, you might qualify to purchase a Habitat home:

  1. Are you a legal resident of Smith County? YES/NO
  2. Have you been a resident of Smith County for at least one year? YES/NO
  3. Do you have need for a home? YES/NO
  4. Are you willing to partner with Habitat to help build your home and other’s homes? YES/NO
  5. Do you have enough income to pay for your home? YES/NO
  6. Are you employed and make 30%-60% of the median income of Smith County Residents? YES/NO
Family Size 30% of Median Income 60% of Median Income
1 $12,250 $24,540
2 $14,000 $28,080
3 $15,750 $31,560
4 $17,500 $35,040
5 $18,900 $37,860
6 $20,300 $40,680
7 $21,700 $43,500
8 $23,100 $46,260

If you answered YES to all of the questions above and/or would like more information about the Habitat program please contact:

Waletta Taylor

Director of Operations and Finance

903.595.6630 x216